Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort

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"Bluegill Lake, Catch the Fun"

Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort 
15854 Pretty Lake Drive, Mecosta, MI 49332 
​231-972-GILL (4455) 
GPS Coordinates: Longitude -85.228844, Latitude 43.696331

Transporting firewood into the campground is prohibited!
    2019 Weekend Themes and Activities

Catch The Fun with wholesome family fun and themed weekends. Crafts and activities are based around the themes. 
  Activities are free unless otherwise indicated with ($) at which time a minimal amount may be charged. Weekend activities are posted throughout the park.   

Opening Weekend/Easter:      If you're looking for a hopping good time, that's eggactly what yoau'll get on Easter Weekend
 4/19-4/21/19                         at Bluegill Lake. We'll be coloring eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide along with other crafts of
                                               the holiday.

​Nature Abounds/            This weekend is all about nature and the  preservation of it. We will be focusing on making items
Smokin Fun Potluck:        from branches and leaves that have fallen over the winter. Saturday, we will be hosting the first
4/26-4/2/19                   "Smokin Fun Potluck" of the season (bring samples of your smoked/bbq'd delicacies to share).

Mexican Fiesta            We'll be making crafts and playing games with a Mexican flare. On Saturday evening, join us for a 
5/6-5/5/19:                Mexican themed potluck, please notify the office of your dish in advance.

Mother's Day/                 Share in your child's imagination of Fairytales & Fables. Crafts will consist of creating personalized 
Fairy tales & Fables:        gifts and cards for MOM. Everyone is invited to join us for a Tea Party to celebrate mom (Tea Party
5/10-5/12/19                   attire is not required but always fun). Sunday morning join us for breakfast in the Activity Center.

Silversmithing:     Saturday, guests will have the opportunity to make a custom sterling silver ring under the guidance of our
 5/17-5/19/19       own Silversmith, Paul. The process takes 3-4  hours, advanced registration is required as space is limited ($).    
Memorial Weekend :     The unofficial start of summer. This weekend is filled with crafts and activities. Be sure to bring
5/24-5/27/19               those bicycles for the annual parade on Sunday.

Birthday Celebration:     Join us as we celebrate birthdays of the year. We'll have a birthday party with balloons, cake, ice 
5/31-6/2/19                  cream and games.   

Race Weekend:         This weekend is all about different kinds of racing, including: boat, car, horse and relay. We'll be crafting
6/7-6/9/19               boats, cars and horses to race in a friendly competition. Relay races are always fun and get the entire 
                                 campground cheering.

Fathers Day/:         Most kids consider dad a superhero. With this in mind. we've decided to play with the concept. We'll be 
Superhero              having a "Superhero" costume contest (for all ages, young and old). There will be games and activities sure 
6/14-6/16/19         to bring out the superhero in everyone. Sunday morning, join us for breakfast as we celebrate DAD!

Spring into Summer:       As summer begins the campground takes on a renewed energy for the season. All of the crafts and 
Smokin Fun Potluck         activities will be sun based. Saturday evening join us for a Smokin Fun Potluck and we'll end the 
6/21-6/23/19                 day/potluck with an Ice Cream Social. 

Prehistoric:            Do you love Dinosaurs and everything about them? Join us as we dig for fossils and dinosaur eggs. We'll 
6/28-6/30/19        craft prehistoric creatures and play stone age games.

Independence Day:    July 4th weekend at Bluegill Lake is like a company picnic. It's time to relax and enjoy time together. 
7/3-7/7/19               There'll be numerous activities throughout the weekend, patriotic crafts, games and the bicycle parade 
                                  (because it is all about the kids).

Bedtime Stories/        Everyone loves a good bedtime story. We'll be crafting Tooth Fairy pillows, reading stories, playing games
Stuffed Friends:         and we'll even be having a pajama party (not a sleep over) on Saturday evening. Don't forget to bring  
7/12-7/14/19              your favorite stuffed friend to share all the fun!

Magical:                This will be a mystical weekend of magic. We'll learn tricks, play games and craft ideas. Expect to be amazed 
7/19-7/21/19        and baffled.

Pirate/Mermaid/        Arrrrrggg, are you ready to have a splashing good time. Bring those pirates and mermaids/mermen to 
Water Fun:                Bluegill Lake. We'll have our annual interactive Treasure Hunt, make Treasure Chests, and you even have 
7/26-7/28/19:          to walk the plank! Expect to get wet and have fun!

Bluegill Festival:        Do you like to play games at festivals and fairs? We'll be enjoying boardwalk style games of chance and 
8/2-8/4/19               skill during this weekend at Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort. 

Color Me Fun:        This weekend will be a spectrum of fun with Tie Dying (bring your own item or purchase at the campground), 
8/ 9-8/11/19          art projects, face painting and games.

Pet Power:            Join us as we celebrate our furry friends (fluffy or stuffy). We'll be crafting items for/about animals. 
8/16-8/18/19       Is your pet talented? Do you and your pet look alike? Do you like to dress up your pet? Then this is your 

Wild Wild West/        Calling all Cowboys and Cowgirls, mosey on down to Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort for a weekend of 
Smokin Fun Potluck:    rootin-tootin good fun. We'll be craftin, gamin, racin and learnin this weekend. Saturday evening, join us 
8/23-8/25/19            for another Smokin Fun Potluck.

Labor Day/Glow:        As in years past, this is our "Glow" weekend. We'll have the bicycle parade, greased watermelon contest, 
8/30-9/2/19             watermelon eating and seed spitting contests, face painting, glow parade, glow site contest and much 
                                 more. So, get your glow on and lets illuminate Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort!

Grandparents Day/        Crafts will consist of cards and gifts for Grandma & Grandpa. Activities will include numerous card 
Card-a-palooza:              games: Euchre, Rummy, Uno, Crazy Eights, Etc.... Sunday morning, join us in the Activity Center for 
9/6-9/8/19                    breakfast to honor grandparents.

Silversmithing/            This is the last opportunity to craft a custom Sterling Silver Ring under the tutelage of our own artisan, 
Lapidary:                      Paul. Your creative juices will be flowing for approximately 3-4 hours. The only fees are for the silver. 
9/13-9/15/19               Advanced registration is required as space is limited.

Vintage Weekend/        It's not old, it's Vintage! Bring those vintage campers, cars, trucks and bodies to Bluegill Lake         
Smokin' Fun Potluck:    and show it off! Saturday evening, we'll be hosting the final Smokin' Fun Barbecue Potluck of the year
9/20-9/22/19              (bring samples of your smoke/barbecues delicacies to share).S

Strain Your Brain:        This weekend is all about using your brain. Expect puzzles and games that encourage you to think and 
9/27-9/29/19              process. Intellect is not required for the weekend, only fun!

Autumn Harvest Fest:        Every year we have the opportunity to enjoy the season with our guests at the end of season potuck 
10/4-10/6/19                     dinner on Saturday evening. We supply the Turkey and ask that guests bring a dish to pass 
                                          (preferably a fare of the season). Please notify the office of your dish. This is time to relax and                                           visit with your friends and neighbors all while taking in the smells and scenery of Autumn!

Season Wind Down:        This is the last opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort 
10/11-10/13/19               for the 2019 season. Sunday, join us for a cup of coffee in the office before heading off for the year.