Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort

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"Bluegill Lake, Catch the Fun"

Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort 
15854 Pretty Lake Drive, Mecosta, MI 49332 
​231-972-GILL (4455) 
GPS Coordinates: Longitude -85.228844, Latitude 43.696331

Transporting firewood into the campground is prohibited!
This page is designed to give our guests updates of important information, specials and  news that could affect your travels and/or influence when you choose to book your reservations.
Catch & Release Fishing: 
Bluegill Lake has a "Catch and Release" policy for fishing, we'd rather hear 100 kids squealing than  than 1 sportsman bragging! In order to make this successful program we prefer the use of barbless hooks (for this reason treble hooks should be avoided).

How to make a barbless hook as shown on "Catch-and-release fishing is done for sport as well as to meet minimum legal size legal size requirements for keeping fish. This is important so that fish have the opportunity to grow and breed, which helps to keep the fish population stable. Fishing with a barbless hook makes releasing fish a much easier task, as the fish does not become stuck on the sharp, pointy barb on the end of the hook. This also a more humane way of fishing as it does not cause the fish as much pain.        Difficulty: Easy                    
Things you'll need:  Needle-nosed pliers, barbed hook(s), medium-grit sandpaper.

1.  Place your needle-nosed pliers on the end of the fish hook over the barb. The barb is the small pointy part that
    sticks out near the end of the fishing hook.
2. Press down firmly but gently over the barb to flatten it. 
3. Use medium-grit sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the barb. Use as a normal hook for fishing."
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are forced into a home construction project. Every attempt will be made to minimize the impact on camping quality. 
We apologize and thank you for your understanding.
The camping season at Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort has ended for 2020. 
We will be reopening on Friday, April 16, 2021 at 1:00pm for camping. 
A few seasonal sites have opened up for the 2021 camping season. For more information of which sites are available, please call the office at 231-972-GILL (4455)
Off Season visits are welcome, advanced notice is requested.
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

With the onset of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) within the United States, we are focused on how to combat the possibility of transmission to others.

Public Health and Safety has always been our primary objective. While we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facilities, we are taking extra measures and increasing the frequency of sanitizing all community areas. After researching with the CDC and our equipment vendors, increased cleaning/sanitizing protocols will be implemented with all common areas including, but not limited to:

     -  The bathhouse; high touch areas: toilets, sinks, showers, all fixtures, doors, latches, dispensers, benches, handrails and 
        changing station.  
     -  The store/office: counters, doors, pens/pencils, coolers and freezers, seating area, etc.
     -  The recreation center: tables and chairs, light switches, countertops, toys, hand rails and equipment.
     -  The playground: slides, hand rails, swings and teeter-totters.
     -  The water inflatables: with approved antibacterial solvents.
     -  The cabins: mattresses, appliances, lighting, tables & chairs, doors & windows, floors, picnic tables, and grills.

Here are some things to consider:

     -  The CDC is recommending social distancing of 6' away from others.
     -  This virus has symptoms that mimic numerous other diseases including seasonal allergies.

The campground, with its expansiveness and fresh air environment lends itself to the likelihood of a pleasant stay with minimal worry. As well, we offer non-GMO water in the lake and Gluten free air for everyone to enjoy! We will remain open and diligent with monitoring this situation and take positive measures to ensure the health and well-being of our guests. Our commitment is for our guests to "Catch The Fun!", not the virus!

Paul & Nancy