Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort

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"Bluegill Lake, Catch the Fun"

Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort 
15854 Pretty Lake Drive, Mecosta, MI 49332 
​231-972-GILL (4455) 
GPS Coordinates: Longitude -85.228844, Latitude 43.696331

Transporting firewood into the campground is prohibited!
Seasonal Site Information
Seasonal camping at Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort offers an economical alternative to enjoy camping with less stressors caused by hauling and numerous set-ups and tear-downs of the camper.

Seasonal specific information:

Black Water Disposal: Weekly pump-outs are included with seasonal sites, usually Wednesday’s. 

Boats:Canoes and Kayaks are permitted on Bluegill Lake. There are several lakes within a 3-mile radius to launch boats 
           of all types. Again, Bluegill Lake is “Catch & Release” fishing.

Decks: Limited to 8’x16’ and able to be dismantled within an hour.

Electric: Prior to occupancy, an electric deposit is placed in escrow ($150/30 amp and $250/50 amp). Seasonal sites are 
              metered with readings documented at the beginning and end of the season. Accounts are adjusted with a refund 
              or invoice depending on electric usage.

Firewood:Due to bug infestation, the DNR has deemed it unlawful to transport firewood into campgrounds. Hardwoods 
                are available for purchase in the store at reasonable prices with site deliveries until 7:00pm.

Golf Carts:Electric golf carts are permitted. Campground policy and road rules apply. 

Occupancy: Persons listed on the site agreement may use the site. A separate tent is permitted, still complying with 
                  campground policy.

Payment Options:Various off-season payment options are available including: Full payment, Monthly and Bi-Monthly 
                            payments. Guests choose the plan that works best for their budget.

Pets:Pet owners are required to sign a waiver taking responsibility for their pets, including waste disposal. State law 
         requires dogs be leashed/controlled whenever outside. Animal records, including license and shots, must be available
         if requested.

Quiet Hour:Quiet hours are 10:30 pm till 9:00 am with children being on their sites by 9:30 pm.

Sheds: Limited to 4’x6’ or 24 sq ft and required. 

Site Enhancements:We encourage personalizing sites and ask that any lawn ornamentation be tasteful and respectful.

Storage:$150.00 provides a secure location off season.

Trash: A dumpster is provided for trash generated at the campground.

Unit Sales:On site trailer sales are subject to management approval and authorization.

Visitors: Seasonal sites are permitted 15 visitors per season, free of charge. Campground policies still apply and advanced 
              notice is requested.

Wholesome Environment:Children are impressionable, please use appropriate language. Alcoholic beverages are to be 
                                        consumed in a responsible and non-conspicuous manner (no glass containers; in solo cups, cozies, 
                                        coffee cups, etc…).

Site information and rates:

Sites 37-42:Large back-in sites conveniently located close to activities (volleyball, horseshoes, and the activity center).  
                     $1500.00 + electric 
Sites 54-68: Large, mature back-in sites located on east side of the campground. These sites back up to the woods, allowing 
                     sites to be expanded for sitting or pet areas into the woods.  
                     $1600.00 + electric
Sites 21-23: Large, mature, pull-thru waterfront sites located on northwest portion of the campground (separate from the 
                    main portion of the campground). 
                    $1700.00 + electric  

For site availability, contact the office at 231-972-GILL (4455).

“Bluegill Lake, Catch The Fun!”